Saturday, May 28

Happy Psychomuppet Day!

Our Voodoo is five. Five.
I don't know how it happened.
He was supposed to be my brother's pup, but found his way here into the Chaos household.
Michael named him.
I swore no more puppies- adult dogs only.
After Puppy X was here a few days, I asked to keep him.
Michael said, "That pup worked some serious voodoo on you!".

Voo added a WHOLE 'nother level of chaos!
(Seriously, if you want to know what young Llewellin Setters are like...give a toddler amphetamines and a couple pounds of sugar.  No.  Really.  Truly.)

I can't imagine not having his crazy muppet head within easy reach of my fingertips as we wander around the yard, or feeling him sigh in contentment when I rest my feet on him under the computer desk (where he is right this moment).

Plus, he's got my permanent bed head ;)

Happy birthday, my psychomuppet!
His birthday toy.

Having a tantrum.

My Akita loves to swim.  We must have broken her. ;)

Strider and Henry are pro loungers.

In honor of Voo's birthday, we didn't cut grass or replace the fence when we got home from town.
 We played!