Monday, May 30

OUCH! Plus porches and blooms

Well..two OWs.  One wasn't mine.
Ow #1
spf 45 my flaming red
Sweatproof and water resistant? Lies.
I'm sunburned enough to cancel on my family BBQ.
  We mowed and string trimmed for close to 4 hours yesterday.  I think I would be less unhappy if we were playing instead of working.
We reapplied the sunblock, but obviously not enough.  Michael and I are fried.  At least I'm home for the day and can get away with wearing a sheet!  If anything touches my shoulders...yeowch.
Poor Ultimate Husband is at work.  I sent him off with a tube of sunburn relief gel.  LOVE THIS STUFF.
Ow #2
  My mom stopped this morning, so we're outside chatting...I notice bright red FRESH blood sprayed across the wall of the house, the back door and the porch floor.  What the HELL.
(I find it funny my mom starts examining me..I think I would know if I tapped an artery)
Strider, Happiest Dog on Earth, had wagged hard enough to bang his tail tip.  The blood spray was caused by Wag Action.  Good heavens, dog.  Zest for life shouldn't require a transfusion. Ow?!

  Not sure what we're doing for dinner tonight now that we're staying in.
Last night's dinner was really, really good. Fantastic.  Wishing we had leftovers at 9am.
 Modest? No.

Ina Garten's bastardized grilled clams, with fettuccine and a creamy white wine sauce
Yes, it needed more color and my sauce was messy and bad, food good.

The wisteria is AMAZING this year.  I'm in love with it.
For now.  Until the blossoms fall and get stuck on everything and everyone.

I know the night photos aren't great.
The back porch is my favorite spot right now.  Great view of the gardens and bird feeders, nicely shaded and SO fragrant.
My big wicker chair is out there...wonderful spot to sit with a book and a glass of ice tea.  We've got a fan in the doorway (no central air in this old house), so it's never too hot.

  Speaking of porches, we've decided to make the front porch smaller when we replace it this week.
It's entirely too hot in the warm months to sit out there.  Miserable.  Like the face of the freakin' sun.
It was actually 84 on this day...check out the temps on the thermometer!
Yes, my front porch is a portal to Hell..and Henry is crazy about heat.  Or just crazy.
The higher temp is the probe temp.  The probe was resting on the porch floor for 15 minutes, while the main thermometer was in a semi-shaded spot.

Rather than invest in a roof or some way to shade it, I'd rather make it smaller and spend the money elsewhere.  It will still be big enough for the deck box and a few smallish chairs..and a pot of herbs.

I've got a rose blooming that I can't ID.
It was found at an abandoned house years ago.  6-8 foot arching habit, blooms once, very fragrant)...I would LOVE to know what it is.
Connie, are you out there?

It's propped up in an Althea so I can see the blooms from my window...the wind is blowing and my living room smells like roses.  Gorgeous!