Wednesday, May 25

Ready the transfusions!

I should probably post our blood types for possible donors....we're changing the garden fencing this weekend.  I had to mention this days in advance to help mentally prepare myself.

The current fencing was "emergency" fence to stop my raised beds from being the world's largest litter boxes.
(PSA! Keep your cats indoors or confined somehow to your own yards. Please? Neighbors, you owe me about $400 in organic soil!).
I don't like the way the chicken wire looks.  Shallow?  Yes.  I'm fine with that.
Aside from appearance, the rabbits and groundhog have learned how to stuff themselves under it.
It's war, vermin.
Rather than secure the edges of the fencing I hate, we're replacing it with green welded wire and going full-out with securing the bottom.
Our back porch is enclosed with green welded wire.  It's not gorgeous, but it isn't offensive.
We wanted a secure place for the dogs and cats to hang out.
That's wisteria forming the roof of the porch...the seed pods, leaves and petals are a pain in the ass to clean up, but oh when it's in bloom.  Sitting out there on a hot summer evening with that heady fragrance and a cold's a vacation!
Keeping the wisteria from eating my porch..well..thank God I don't mind climbing a ladder and slashing things like a maniac.

My point in this..I do have one..we covered this frame with welded wire.
We bled.  We cursed.  We still have scars.
Granted, I can hurt myself with a marshmallow, but Michael is graceful and careful.  He had as many wounds as I did!  It isn't just me!
Snipping heavy wire creates the most perfect scalpel edge.  It slices through everything but leather.
If you happen to be passing through northern WV and see two people wearing full leather suits, including masks, you'll know why.
Unless they aren't fencing that case, drive REALLY fast as far the hell away as you can.
It's very foggy this morning...really beautiful, but I'm glad we're both home and not driving in this.
There should be several ridges of hills visible. 
I thought it had rained from all the droplets.

See the swirling fog?  

Irie is my girl..she got her big dog rear up and came outside with me.  Where is everyone else?

Everyone else was still sound asleep...or faking.