Tuesday, May 24

I should be outside..and some blogger love

but I'm stuck in the house working on a project. 
Well, I guess I should be working on this project (for which I get PAID) instead of firing off a blog post, but..I can multi-task.  Kind of.

Random Tuesday stuff:
  The Deliverance Brothers (crazy, scary neighbors..and yes I know Deliverance took place in Georgia not West Virginia, but it works) are clearing brush from their property for the annual Memorial Day camp out.  I have the county and state cops programmed into my cell in preparation.
Don't get me wrong..I am all for campfires, beer and guns.  Just not the combo platter.  At 3 am.
  We finally have decent weather on a weekend Michael is off, but..no camping for us.  
Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are the worst times to camp.  
Extremely crowded campgrounds, and I swear, there is some law that every horrible camper must run for state parks on those days. 
Bad Camper Law states: Bring as many kids and dogs as you can find (breaking the general 2 dog limit), and release them into the park with NO supervision.  Bring plenty of bikes/scooters and encourage the kids to zip through other campsites at 50 mph.  Make sure all dogs bark from 11pm to 7am (general quiet hours), make sure dogs escape and pee on fellow campers tents, cars and fires. Don't clean up after dogs...it's NATURE, and that's why we're all here!  Sneak alcohol into the campgrounds and get belligerent with any park employee that you are "not drunk, we're jish really tired".  Weaving dangerously close to the 10 foot high fire in your fire ring is encouraged (sadly, true story).
Yes, I have strong feelings about Bad Campers.

  I got a blog award! I am loved! I am special!  Soon, there will be parades and calendar holidays in my honor! 
 "No"?! What do you mean "No"?  
Well, hell..I had my speech written and I picked out a tiara.  It worked so well with my muck boots.  Sigh.
  If you don't already (and honestly I think maybe 2 people in Blogland aren't following her) you should check out The Run*A*Round Ranch Report.  Amazing photos of a huge amount of wildlife..right at her pond!
Personally, I think the Versatile Blogger award is T's polite way of saying "I have no idea what this girl is yapping about and she can't stick to one damn subject" ;)  T, you know I jest.
I'll get on the 7 Things About Me and pass this on ASAP.
You're a peach! (and look, I made my photos larger just for you! LOL)

More fellow blogger love:
I have a delightful chickadee gracing my kitchen shelf from KAT.  Girlfriend has too many fantastic birds in her Etsy shop.  I love love love the check-wing birds (in green or blue)!  And the raven...and there's a perfect spot for the Cedar Waxwings in my hall.. I should stop now.  

My Mutabilis rose from Hartwood Roses is thriving.  
They have perfected rose shipping..I've never had a mail order rose arrive in such great shape.  I have a list  of future roses from Hartwood that is a mile long. Please check out her blog and Hartwood's site.  Be ready to dig your new rose garden!

I got my seeded postcard from Ribbit at The Corner Yard!  I'll be planting my postcard sometime today, and I'll update when it sprouts.  How fun!  I would love to keep going with this idea, but my local tiny crappy post office has never heard of these postcards.  I might actually have to go to town to find them..this was a great idea! 

Ok, enough love and yammering.  I'm done with my project (yay paycheck!) so I'm heading outside before it rains.  Again. 

"Stop buying roses and buy some kind of wind block, lady!"