Saturday, June 18

Glory be!

Michael's mulch moat is done.  Right now it looks like what I hate...48 miles of mulch with a few plants stuck in.  We'll add plants/grasses as we go, but for now it's done.  The ugly, weedy, shale covered bank is gone!
I'll get photos today..we didn't finish until after dark yesterday.
He wants a couple of these to plant.  I'm not sure how I feel about their alien blue spikes, but I'm trying to keep him involved in the Outside Stuff.

The lattice is finished around the deck.  I had all but one sheet done when Michael got home, so it was a nice surprise for him.

Strider showing WHY I wanted lattice.  Dang dogs.
See the lovely weed blocking fabric in the above pic?  Now covered, thank goodness.

Voo was completely baffled by the lattice. Heh.

Voodoo stands on his hind legs all the time, without using his front feet for balance.  He looks like a velociraptor, so we call this Velocivoodling.

Note the torch fuel on the deck...because leaving flammable liquids on a wood deck is always a good idea!
Three flipflops.  The other one was being used as a high tech level for the lattice.
Don't judge.
FYI..when you cut resin lattice, the little "sawdust" bits are really freaking HOT for just a sec.  I advise not wearing a tank and shorts..or going barefoot.

Man, I am a study in what NOT to do.  Consider me a public service announcement.


The kind-of After. 
By the way..the yellow hose above?  Hate. That. Sucker.
It kinks constantly.

So the bark mulch leftover on the right of gate will be removed and I'll be seeding grass.  I'll just have to deal with the pale stone to dark rubber mulch.  I tried the darkest stone I could find, which was red lava rock, and HATED it.

Lattice up, garden is weed papered and mulched, and the area behind the deck is covered and mulched.  Could it be?  Could we be done!?!?

Nope. But, I won't even think about the rest of the list right now.

See? I'm waving to you all.
Voodoo could have stepped right through the rails and went to greet Michael, but the lattice fried his bird dog brain and he felt he was completely enclosed.
By the end of the night, we were ALL fried, so I can't really laugh at Voo!