Sunday, June 19


No carrying 640 pounds of mulch across 2 acres of hillside.
No hauling logs across the property.
No swinging the pickaxe for hours at a time.
No digging out stumps.
(and I vow, the next time some stick-like girl in a clothing store says "my goodness, let's find something to minimize those biceps and shoulders" I'm using said biceps and shoulders to shot put her ass across the store)

I'm going to swim for fun, not exercise.
Read on the deck.
Cook something complicated for dinner.
Give myself a mani/pedi.
Watch a movie.
Clean house a bit.
Treat myself to a new pair of trail runners...if I can find these in 8 1/2s!  This is proving near impossible.
Daydream about a lawn swing that folds flat into a that is currently on clearance..that I dropped subtle hints about.
(subtle being "I WANT THIS SO BADLY!!! Michael, LOOK at THIS!!!")

I don't really do subtle.
This is good, because Michael doesn't pick up on subtle hints very well.

How many times can I use that word in one blog post?!

I need to rest up for Michael's vacation, where undoubtedly he'll try to work us into a coma.
He swears it's me trying to kill us.  HA.

Would it be morally wrong to dope his breakfasts?