Thursday, June 16

YAY, it's not a day off!

Our *day off* yesterday:
Worked online from 5 to 10 am
Started cutting and hauling brush with Michael
Dug up 5 tree stumps
Chopped out/dug up a bunch of honeysuckle bushes
Dumped even more mulch (I fear Michael has a mulch problem and will end in in rehab)
Transplanted 4 hostas.  WHY do we live here..there is no DIRT in the soil. It's all shale.
Weeded and watered the garden and flower beds
Let the dogs swim for a bit, which requires management because they act like cranky toddlers
Measured lattice while the dogs swam
Realized we were out of weed blocking fabric (that effing pool area is NEVER getting finished), so hopped in the car and ran out for that
Yelled at Michael for not informing me my butt was covered in dirty handprints In Public
Apologized and accepted responsibility for my own butt
Michael found more neon flowers and felt he was "owed an apology" in flowers
Got home and unloaded the car..ate our first meal at 5:30pm
Planted the Butt Apology flowers
Repeatedly chased Pig away from us as we were putting down weed paper
Raked and hauled more debris from the tree we cut down (9 garden cart loads)
Carried and stacked logs
Transplanted a bunch of marsh mallow.  Taproots were somewhere in bowels of earth.
Tried to have a small fire but we were just too tired to care after 15 minutes or so
Made a nutritious dinner of soft pretzels and beer

His days off will be the death of us.
I didn't even pick up a camera.

While we were gone, Henry decided to somehow stuff himself under the baby gate we use on the spare bedroom and eat a ton of cat food.  We still can't figure out how he got under it.
He's fine...just unhappy he didn't get dinner.  And very little breakfast.

We had a really good day together and got a lot knocked off The List.
Still...I'm glad Michael had to work today.
Next Wednesday he has a weeks vacation.
God help me.