Tuesday, June 14

Summertime, and the livin' is...

Soul crushing?
Whoever said the livin' was easy..LIED!
Yeah, melodramatic I know.

I kind of miss winter.  Clean house, shovel snow and cook meals..that's the extent of my home chores.
Summertime consists of non-stop mowing, weeding, brush clearing, etc.
By the time we get things mowed, it's time to start again.
With the additional workload of Michael's project we may never sit down again.

Wait..I take that back.  After I dig a trench through the shale, I can sit down while I install the edging! Whee.
Above ground pools are just ugly, but we po' folk will happily take what we can get.
Eventually, we'll have grasses and mounding plants in that mulch field and that spice bush will be moved.   This year was all about getting the flippin' plastic down.  Good re-use of a ripped winter pool cover, huh?
It definitely chokes out grass and weeds.

The baby ghogs are still here.

In other good, time saving news..
I think the resin lattice will work fine!

Close enough in color, right?
If we ever get the pool area stuff done, I'll post before and afters.

My poor house is suffering from neglect.
It's clean, but getting cluttered.
I hate clutter.
Maybe we'll have a rainy day soon...I can tackle the house then.
3 weeks til the houseguests arrive!  ACK!

Yet another angry baby garter snake.  This one musked me. BLAH!

Our $3 clearance score from Lowes.

New edging..it currently looks like crap!

He looks like a poor, sad shelter dog behind bars.