Sunday, June 12

Weekend catch up

Friday evening, we visited our friends and their 3 wk old baby boy.  Baby is adorable x 10.  Had a great time BBQing and playing cards.  We only intended to stay a few hours, but didn't roll in until 1 am.  Oops.
  I got up at my normal 5 am on Saturday with a slight headache (ever notice how fast the beer goes when you're sitting around a fire?  Don't worry, we had a Designated Driver and Designated Parent. ;) )

  I thought my lack of sleep would slow things down yesterday. HA.
Errands in the AM...scored some CHEAP flowers from Lowes and battled the crowds at the grocery store.
Home to clean house a bit, then the people showed up to cut down the Aspen.  They are a husband and wife team who do a lot of jobs for us..the mower folks? Same people.  They brought their daughter along yesterday.  Awesome little girl..she'll hang out on her blanket and play while her parents work.

The pic is dark, but you get the idea.  Large tree.  Large diseased tree by the pool, pool deck and garden.
Everything went smoothly, but cleanup took forever.
I decided to stay outside and watch the Tree Ordeal, so P (the daughter) hung out with me.  We planted flowers and chatted, weeded the garden and played with Strider.  I also scored 3 coloring book pages of horses done in my chosen colors.  They are now proudly displayed on my fridge. :)
P got a bouquet of roses to take home.

Today was supposed to be our down day, but we'll see how that goes.

We're adding lattice to the pool deck...3 of 4 dogs can fit through the rails.  I'd like to be able to swim without watching the dogs constantly.
I've been dreading this job..staining the lattice..all those edges.
We don't have a paint sprayer so it would be done by brush.  All.  Those.  Edges.
Yesterday we noticed the resin lattice in Lowes...the brown is almost the same color as the deck!
We got one piece (and God bless our little Saturn SUV for being big enough to get a 4x8 section stuffed in the back!) and I'm praying the color will match well enough.  It would save a TON of time.

For those of you wondering how we'll handle the groundhog explosion, Irie says not to worry.  She's got it under control.  (Oh, I don't think so, girlfriend).

We're talking to WVDNR about relocating them.
6 groundhogs is 5 1/2 groundhogs too many.
Don't they have a pretty spot?

Pig, looking for a handout.  That's a big fat NO!

I'm sure someone had her in captivity or hand fed her.  She has NO fear of humans..even last year she was all about coming right to us.
 I have to constantly shoo her away when I'm working outside.  Shouting at her does nothing.  If she sees you carrying a bowl or container, she hurries toward you.
I'll continue to toss the veg and fruit scraps near her den..she's staying out of the garden now.