Friday, June 10


Pig (the resident groundhog, for those that don't know), I forgive you for repeatedly mauling my garden.
I forgive you for mowing down the phlox.
I forgive you for being an utter pain in the ass.

"Need. More. Food."

Must eat faster..the babies are coming.

If I had FIVE babies, I would be raiding the rum bottle instead of the garden.  I forgive you!
I'm guessing they are between 6 and 7 weeks old..they haven't been out of the den before now.

You'll forgive the crummy photos, I hope.

And Strider will forgive me for putting my hat on his head and singing "Thank God I'm a Country Dog".  Repeatedly.

(I maintain that mowing 2 acres of hillside with a push mower in 95 degree heat drove me to this)