Thursday, June 9

15 inches!

I did it...15 inches of hair gone.
It just touches my collarbone now.
I don't regret it at ALL.  Even if I did, my hair grows annoyingly a trim every 3 weeks if I have any kind cut that needs maintained.
I'm going back next week to get some lighter colors blended through..that way I don't have chocolate brown ends and light honey brown roots.  I can step away from the haircolor after that..woohoo!
I know, my hair is the most fascinating blog topic. Woo.

Michael went with me so we could have lunch together..grabbed a takeout lunch and ate at the overlook on the Ohio river.
SO HOT yesterday.  HUMID.
Sitting in the shade with the breeze coming off the water and the car still registered 95 degrees.

It was so hazy the auto focus was giving me grief...and so hot I didn't feel like fooling with manual.  Who is Dr Pugh?  A lifelong resident of my town & well respected citizen.  He died in 2001.  That's all I got.  I should research him a bit more.

And for all you traitors bloggers that think the baby groundhog is cute..

Don't be fooled.  This is an indiscriminate eating machine.
Irie says SHE is an indiscriminate eating machine...and she would like to start with ghogs.  I have Concerns about the bravery/stupidity of the groundhogs.  They are quite brazen when the dogs are out.  Tough critters or not, they don't stand a chance with big dogs like Irie.  Akitas were used for bear hunting.  Groundhogs should do their research before putting life and limb on the line.  

Our other big dog, Strider, ignores them completely.  So much for Rotti/Pit bull mixes being viscous killers.  ;)

And to keep things completely crazy random like I do..some photos from WayBack...

Last summer

And because Strider and Henry get less blog time...since they require less exercise and work...

Mud.  Mud mud mud.

Because Henry is such a pompous ass...I like posting humiliating photos of him :D

Tell me that nose isn't adorable..and those yearning eyes...

The dog LIKES warm clothing.  I don't know where we went wrong.

One of my very favorite front porch sunsets.