Wednesday, June 8

Storms, ghogs and flatlanders

Had another crazy storm go through yesterday morning.  It started off peaceful, but I could watch the band of clouds coming in FAST.
I took video, but who knows where I stuck the memory card.

It stormed for several hours, then clear skies and sunshine for the rest of the day...perfect!
I was sitting outside enjoying the breeze when I read "violent winds will precede this storm.  Do not wait for lightning to take cover in a strong building away from windows".  That was a new kind of warning for us!
They weren't kidding, either.  I swear my eyelids were flapping like awnings.

  For whatever reason, we're having less pest problems!  I'm SO glad.
I was NOT glad to see this baby ghog.

Terrible pic, I know, but it was barely daylight.
When I consider how much damage was done to the garden, our food, I can't even say this baby is cute.
The male dogs have taken to peeing in the groundhog hole.  Have at it, boys!
It saves me from asking Michael to do it.
Michael grew up in town..he's kind of delicate about this country stuff ;)

  The birds are munching the strawberries in my strawberry jar.  I'm fine with that, since we have more.  I consider it payment on all the bugs they're eating.
There are always Robins, Titmice and Blue Jays carefully going over the beds and plants.
My mom was laughing because I was working at one end of a bed and two titmice were working at the other end.  They are exceptionally relaxed around us.

  I broke another shovel yesterday.
3 shovels in 2 years.  What in HELL am I doing!?
Michael brought home an Ames Pro shovel.  We'll see how long it takes me to break the "steel reinforced fiberglass" handle on this puppy.

In just less than a month, two of our closest friends are coming to visit.
I enjoy taking the NE Flatlanders, Jeremy and Lacey, on hikes like this:

I like to live on the edge and anger my guests by hiking them to death on giant hills and quoting Children of the Corn all the time.

We don't do much while they are here. Fires every night, hiking, swimming, playing with the dogs..and eating horribly.  I probably shouldn't eat anything but lettuce for the next month to prepare.

I tried to make Jeremy plate his food nicely to get a pic.  Did not work.
I've got a TON of stuff to get done before they get here.  Eek.  They wouldn't care as long as the beer was cold and the grill is going.  Easiest houseguests ever.  I'm the one that obsesses.

  Today is supposed to be hot and sunny...
Michael is off and the only errand I have is getting my hair cut...we're spending the day in the pool!
I'm getting my waist-length hair chopped off.  It's too damned hot.
I've also decided not to color it until fall.  I color it a deep chocolate brown, but it bleaches out so badly during the summer.  My real color is a light honey brown.

Bunch of stuff to get done before my hair hacking, so I'm off!
I'll finally have time to catch up on blogs this afternoon....