Tuesday, June 7

Dear Irie...

We almost forgot your birthday yesterday.  You're 3!
Not that you care. 
I'm completely sorry that Michael keeps buying hot pink collars for you.
I'm sure you haven't noticed he is dressing you in Ultra Femme.
He also bought the hot pink toys.
That was not me.

She got to swim and play bitey face with the hose...she got a piece of Michael's steak for dinner.
Do you notice a theme here?  Michael is wrapped around her mammoth paw.

She's a very, very sweet dog.  So easy to train.  Absolutely biddable.  
Before you run out and get an Akita ;) ,  just remember she is atypical.  
Plus, when something is a cause for concern, she flips her switch from
 Bimbo to Badass.

That always sounds like a great idea, doesnt it?
Loyal guard dog to protect the family.

Not so much.  It's an obscene amount of work and responsibility.
Insurance companies don't like Akitas. 

"OMG..I am..like..SO totally badass".  Make sure you read that in a Valley Girl voice.

She's worth it!
Plus..who could have denied this baby?
She never lost the head tilt :)

Before she grew into her ears.

Irie at 12 weeks and 28 pounds.

She's our Rastafarian Akita.
Irie refers to positive emotions or feelings, or anything that is good. Specifically it refers to high emotions and peaceful vibrations.
Yep, that's our Irie.