Monday, June 6

Wildlife on the internet?

I think our wildlife is blogstalking me.  You KNOW coons have smartphones.
  Not a single coon or groundhog in sight yesterday! Nothing destroyed in the garden! JOY!
  Tonight they'll probably be 3 deep across the yard, but I'll take what I can get  :)

More fantastic advice from *animal control specialists*...drop human excrement into groundhog holes to discourage them.
I'll give you a moment to process that.......

That would be a big, fat OHELLNO.

Refilling my coffee this morning, I glanced out the window and spotted this young fellow passing by..

Any photographer (even fake photographers ..fauxtographers? me) have that moment when they realize getting a clear shot is not worth falling out the living room window.

  The mowers finished up yesterday...the property is almost done.  There are a few spots I didn't mind doing myself (and didn't want to fork over more $ for), so I'll do that today.
  My chainsaw is up and running again! Time to cut up all those tree trunks that were around the garden.  I love using the chainsaw.
I will not be using the chainsaw to drop this tree:

I know my comfort limits.  This Aspen is down it comes on Saturday.
It's too close to the pool, deck and garden for me to take down.  I love the tree, but Aspens have that delightful habit of snapping off huge limbs for no freakin' reason.  Time to drop it before it squashes something expensive!
I've never planted a tree here!  We aren't short on I've never had the opportunity to pick a tree I wanted and plant one.  Maybe I'll tree shop!

Yesterday was just gorgeous...

We went swimming every few hours, ate the ripe strawberries while we weeded the garden, sat in the grass and watched the butterflies on the Mock Orange...
We being the dogs and myself.  Michael worked all weekend.  Poor guy!