Wednesday, November 13

DogBlog! Winter

Right now, I can hear my neighbors' dog barking away.  She's an outside dog.
As most of you know, I don't DO outside dogs.
My horrid horde is inside. Because I live inside.
Yes, my house needs cleaned at a professional level, every day.
 I'm ok with the extra cleaning
-to be fair, I track in WAY more funk than The Horde. I need tied outside.  Michael is covered with MY hair. I shed a lot, apparently. I need to find a dog with 14 inch, chocolate brown hair.
To blame said dog.

No judgment here, really.  If you have outside dogs, you do.
Just do it the best way possible. 
Spend tons of time with your dog. Please.
My neighbor dog was an adorable puppy, frequently seen scampering around the porch with the family. Now? She's tied at the far end of their property. We never see anyone interacting with her.
If you only see your dog for moments a day, you WILL miss signs of a cold dog.

Housing is critical in cold weather areas.
Slapping some wood together just isn't enough...
Insulated dog houses
Check out the link. Ordering an insulated house is easier than building one.
Really.  And you KNOW my love of power tools and building.
Should Michael ever banish me to outdoor living, because of my dirty feet and shedding, I'm just ordering an insulated house.

Bedding is also critical. A fleece blanket or a cushy bed is wonderful..for inside.
Outdoors? Not good.
Straw, baby. Stuff their house, keep it fluffed, check for moisture.
Don't get lazy.

That ALL being said, get ya dogs in the house with you.
Still, no judgment, but...dogs. In house. Please please?

After all, why have a dog if you can't share your total

Make them wear stupid headbands:

Take humiliating photos of them sleeping on the couch:

Give them ridiculous pajamas:

Why miss out on THAT?

As a side note to having dogs inside with you, here's a status I posted on Facebook recently:
Dog humiliation triple whammy:
1.Countersurfed a squash, 2.while I was on the phone with a dog TRAINER and 3.shamelessly faked death instead of doing Push-ups as I instructed:

Dogs. They keep you humble.

A very special thank you to Sarah Wilson for allowing me to link her work. TO DEATH.