Friday, November 15


I met Michael 19 years ago today, on his birthday.
I'm not usually sappy, so bear with me one day a year when get all gooey and teary-eyed!
I'll be sarcastic tomorrow. Promise.

This guy is more than my other half. I'm less-than without him.
I would be a different person.
Less.. hopeful, determined, affectionate, silly.
I wouldn't laugh as easily.
 I would be less fierce.

I have someone in my life that greets "I decided to grow all our vegetables" with as much enthusiasm as "I won the lottery!"...pretty amazing.

A man who makes it a goal to make me laugh my humiliating HYUH HYUH HYUH laugh.

Someone who loves ridiculous kneesocks (say, with a zombies and brains pattern) found true love with someone who happily wears a Captain America beanie.  

Take THAT, Romeo and Juliet.