Tuesday, August 27

Why I won't end up a lampshade because of Craigslist

We have a bunch of..well..crap..that has been in storage forever.
Or floating room to room.
Closet to closet.
Put away neatly, but ...good Lord.
It's like freaking Hoarders-Organized Edition in here.

Craigslist to the rescue.

I know a lot of women are concerned about inviting total strangers to their rural (ie, backwoods) homes.
I'm not stupid- "sure! I can be here at midnight, and make sure I'm home alone!"
I have a healthy dose of concern. I love reading forensics, and psychology, so I know there's a potential nut job around every corner.

But really.

After visiting my house?

Four dogs. It sounds like Hell Hounds are after you when you pull up.
Irie Akita has a bark as big as her booty.  She's 96 lbs of StrangerDanger.

I was trying to find serious photos of Girlfriend, but kept stumbling across these.
Just imagine the horror and humiliation of being savaged by a dog wearing bows and bunny ears....?


I also enjoy hanging our targets from the gun range inside the front door, on a pretty little shabby chic magnetic board (ya know, where I should be leaving sweet notes for hubby).

There's a sign under this stating the gun used and distance. Whoever does best gets bragging rights.
This was mine. Smith and Wesson M&P .40 at 125 yards. Not horrible.

 So, when I open the front door to the Craigslist Lunatic...
S/He is greeted by Hell Hounds.

 And gun range targets.

 side note- the assessors office just stopped by for their every 3 yr visit.  
That very nice man seemed fairly traumatized.

Anyway, along with my distrusting nature and gun targets and crazed WV Dogs.....

There's us.

What's Christmas without camo ...and homemade wine. Which explains SO much about this pic.

Who in HELL would come back to kidnap me and turn me into a human skin lampshade?!
We scare the Craigslist Crazies.