Wednesday, April 10

Things People Say..and a babble

"You should just be happy you're alive!"
Generally said when I'm grumbling about something a clogged septic line (ew).
Telling someone who has any kind of medical ANYTHING just to be happy they are a good way to get kicked.
My appreciation for life doesn't vanish when I'm outside in sleet and howling winds, with 40 feet of septic line snake.  It's just..taking a back burner for the moment.

"Oh, you must feel look fine!"
Because you have a portable CT and can see the blood clot in my lung? Awesome!

I sleep 8 hrs a night, and nap at least 2 hours during the day.
I am weak and shaky and dizzy a lot.
I am cold constantly.
I am grumpy as all hell.

Ok, the grumpy part is.......

"Blood thinners! Well, don't cut yourself!"
Well, shit. There goes my plans for the weekend.

I know this stuff isn't said to be unkind or dismissive...but after the 53rd time...
I warned you about the grumpy, right?

Ok, moving on!

You see the line of yellow Gorilla Glue on the feeder...and the reason why.
I need cast iron bird feeders!

I went birding a few weeks ago...
I saw two horned grebes (adult, non sayeth the bird books)!!!
Canada goose photo bombing
I also saw a black-crowned night heron.  I'll spare you the horrid photo.
Two birds off my life list.