Sunday, March 3

We need Keepers.

Last week, Michael and I were doing a bird drive.
We parked in several spots and watched, got out and wandered around a bit.
 The weather was horrid...freezing, sleety, windy. We dressed for this (and I have a point).

I rarely see other birders here, so imagine my excitement when a car pulled in behind us and I spot someone with binoculars! WOO!
Even more exciting, the lady comes up to the car and starts talking Bird.

She glances in the car and looks startled.
Ok, I know with his dark eyelashes and bright blue eyes, Michael can look Intense, but seriously...he's a friendly guy.
She takes a step back...says her goodbyes..

It's only on the drive home I realize Michael is still wearing this:

And black gloves.
So maybe he DOES look like a serial killer.