Friday, March 1

Hoodies..and why I need a kayak and/or more camera equipment

No.  Not my normal attire.  BIRD type hoodies!

Yes, I know. Blur city. YOU try hanging out of a car window while sleety snow pelts your face and you're busy fighting with your beloved on WHY you need a 500mm lens because the f@#%ing birds won't come closer...

HOODIES! A herd of hooded mergansers! WOO!

Don't you think I should have a addition to a 500mm lens?
Nothing could possibly go wrong with ME in a kayak, carrying a 500mm lens.
At all.

Michael tried (and succeeded) using my comments against me.
"You aren't a photographer, you said. You said you're someone who happens to have a camera. Why would you invest that much in a lens, if that's the case?"
"You laughed when I mentioned kayaks a few years ago. You brought up about 10 ways you would kill yourself with a kayak. So..what's changed?"

I know. Should have worked on that argument.