Wednesday, February 27

Makeover, please.

Lashing rains and howling
Turning to snow..yay.
Windchills of 5 over the weekend..Oh piss OFF, winter.
Winter needs to go the hell away so I can stop wearing 104 layers and looking like Violet Beauregarde.

I look like an enormous blueberry in my winter fleece.  SO not flattering, but it's warm and wind-proof.
Still.  A giant blueberry.

We have a dinner party with Michael's boss this weekend.
Michael's boss, who looks like freaking Scarlett Johansson.  Seriously.

To top THAT off, she's one of the nicest people on Earth.

But still.

...and then...there's me...

I might have to forget about warmth for one night, and dig in my closet for something NOT fleecey and poofy and warm.
Wear something besides muckboots?
I can't remember where I put my makeup bag...or when I last wore makeup.
Who cares how I dress here? The crows? Deer?

*before anyone thinks I'm having a breakdown or I'm feeling all horrible about my looks or some other typical girlie problem- that's not the case.  Well. Kind of the case, since I'm feeling all frumpy and VioletB.  But...I'm really really ok. ;)
Moving on:

I decided to forgo a bunch of my weird/rare/heirloom tomatoes and try some Defiant tomatoes.  Anyone have experience with them?
Finding seeds is damned near impossible. I found grafted plants (at two for $15! Jesus H!).
I did find the Mountain Magic seeds I want. Supposedly another disease resistant one. We'll see.
My garden appears to be ground zero for TomatoPlague.