Monday, March 11

out, out

I am currently in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism.


what the HELL!!!!!

Horrible pain in right rib area was only symptom.

My tiny, random clot is in my right lung...hanging around for no obvious freaking reason.
As soon as my blood thinner levels are correct, I get to leave.
i'm in fabulous condition aside from the CLOT OF BLOOD IN MY LUNG WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?!

send some "get out of jail" thoughts, ok? my health is fine, since we caught this clot in time.  You don't even wanna know the statistics on death from pulmonary embolisms.  I sure as shit didn't want to know.
I am, however, going batshit crazy in here.

I need OUT.

So i can spend 6-12 months trying not to kill my dumb ass with blood thinners!

(i'm really ok.  scared the shit out of us...very surreal..but I'm ok!)

I look so hot with my heart monitor and double IVs!