Tuesday, February 19


Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Does SAD cause rage?
 Does it make you spew profanity and shake your fist at the sky?
 If so, I have it.
Otherwise, I may have BSCWD
BatShit Crazy Weather Disorder.

I'm bundled on the couch like a mummy. I'm reading gardening catalogs and warming my hands over the sunny, blooming, colorful pages. Outside is grey and brown. Lots of mud and ice. Glorious.

I started out making mac and cheese for dinner..it turned into my bastardized version of Ina Garten's.
Bread crumbs, my ass.  Try cornbread. 
I skipped the bacon and went for lobster.
Plus I went all crazy with the cheese..5 kinds in there right now.
I'm aware I caused clogged arteries in someone just reading that. Whoops.
Most of the time I eat quite healthy. Today is NOT one of those days. At all. 

Random seagull on ice.

You see where the batshit crazy comes from now, right??