Saturday, September 1

This fall...

-We're going to Baltimore to the National Aquarium.
Maybe.  I've built this trip up so much in my mind that I'm afraid Reality will suck in comparison to Sam's Reality.
I have an enormous problem with this.
At this point in my life, I should truly Know Better.  If someone is going to get mauled by angel fish or attacked by toddlers- it's me.
I should accept it and move forward (it makes for good blog fodder!).  Instead, I create an amazing trip in my head that no one could recreate. Ever.

-I intend to learn to shoot the longbow my friend Jeremy gave me.  I can do this. I can do this without maiming myself (no promises on anyone else).  I have Intentions.  I will hunt with this damned thing.

-We're going to hike and log all the trails in my local state park.  Should be interesting (for me, anyway).  The park maps are horrible, and GPS doesn't work everywhere in the park.  That's my only hesitation.  Some of the trails aren't clearly blazed.  If I vanish, assume I was eaten by cannibal hillbillies.

Fall may never arrive.  It was freaking HOT yesterday, and humid today. I want crisp weather and chilly nights.