Thursday, September 6


I haven't been able to discuss the garden yet.  I'm still in emotional recovery.

Blight and hornworms took most of the tomatoes.
Squash borers got the ..duh.. squash.
Something even ate an enormous pot of sage.  What the hell eats sage??
I found I can live without squash.  One or two and I'm fine.
Why do gardeners grow so much squash?  We spent the entire season sneaking excess squash to our friends and neighbors.
The tomatoes..oh the tomatoes.  10 varieties of heirlooms.
No pasta sauce, no paste, no juice.

For all my babble about keeping things green, next year...I'm buying 500 gallons of Death Chemicals for those bastard bugs. best friend and now savior, Lacey...her insane neighbor is giving her bags of tomatoes!
I spent yesterday saucing it up and dancing a jig.
I sent a 4 lb container home with her, and put my half in the freezer.  Happiness.

Granted, Crazy Tomato Lady probably used ground people as fertilizer, but I DON'T CARE!
I have sauce.  I have access to MORE tomatoes.  All is well.