Friday, August 31

Friday ramble

My internet has been wonky (ie, doesn't WORK) a large part of the past few days.
I'm so glad we pay out the ..nose.. for satellite internet.
I'm still here, and I'm still trying to post on blogs.  Know that I'm reading when I can..and screaming obscenities and foaming at the mouth when my internet craps out again.
My *smart* phone dictionary refuses to accept certain words.
It corrects them, against my will, and makes me look insane.
Woohoo corrects to epiglottis.
So, I texted "Epiglottis! Sounds like a plan!" to a friend.
Broccoli keeps changing to Neocolonialism.
My hand to God, it does.
I text Michael, "How does sesame beef and neocolonialism sound for supper?"

I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and refer to the Penguins as the Pens.

I've sent some very, very awkward texts.

"Let's Go Penis!" "Penis game tonight!" "I can't wait for the Penis season to start!"
I admit, I could carefully proofread each text, but...yeah, that just isn't happening.

This is my bestie, Lacey, with my Akita girl Irie.  We go on a lot of Girls Drives.  Irie is our security system.  As you can see, she's not a tiny blossom.  We see a giant fuzzball of affection, but a strangers see a giant bad ass.  Works for me!
Our Girls Drive took us here...we had breakfast while watching the fish leap...and we were wishing we had poles!


Mama and twins giving us the evil eye.

And a random goose crossing the road...god bless WV