Monday, August 27

Chaos, part 239572

Another post that is ALL over the damned place...

This summer was supposed to be our lazy summer.

Lots of laying poolside and reading.

Instead, we had days of "Whoa. The bathroom floor feels weird next to the shower.."
and "Sam...Honey, WTF happened to the bathroom floor? Where IS it?"

Michael came home to a bathroom missing a floor..down to the joists.
I need to mention we don't have central air, and it was roughly 198 degrees with 613% humidity the day I tackled the bathroom floor.
Made me cranky.
More cranky.

Then we had a day of replacing the kitchen ceiling...another 198% day with 613% humidity.
Cranky doesn't begin to cover it.

Home repair certainly tests the strength of your relationship.  If we ended the work day and DIDN'T want to take a 12 pound sledge to each was a good day.

Things have been absolutely chaotic this summer.
Beyond my norm! What the hell!?

We decided we need to focus on a hobby together..we hike/camp/etc together, but we needed a quickie hobby..something we could hop in the car and spend an hour doing.

I used to LOVE shooting. The gun range (or the gun range at my uncle J's house) was Good Times.
Good SAFE times..we're crazy, but good crazy..not dangerous crazy.
Hell, we're not even worrisome crazy.

So. Research and trips to Cabela's and the local gun shop...and we're back on the range.
MAN, did I miss it!

*Michael wins the Awesome Husband Award for being completely supportive and encouraging, taking advice from A GIRL, and being proud of my skill instead of crappy that I'm currently a better shot than him.

We have a state game lands range about 5 minutes away...
We can hop in the car and spend some quality time doing something we love.  Plus, we're meeting some great folks at the range.

We pull off the road and watch the wildlife around the sunrise or sunset...

hanging out by the gun range..she knows she's safe there! smartass deer.