Wednesday, February 15

I have decided..

It is definite.
At least until the next round of seed catalogs show up.
I placed my tomato seed order from Tomato Bob.
 Fantastic seed..and hello..his name is Tomato Bob.  How can I not support someone named Tomato Bob!?

The rest of my veg seeds were purchased from Jung.
I'm relatively sure I ordered the correct amount of seed, regarding space.
  Last year, I became delusional and thought we had 348 acres to plant, instead of 4 large-ish raised beds and assorted containers.
Thank God I have family and friends nearby...I *gifted* the leftover ton of seeds.
And then the leftover plants I started.
Annnnd then the leftover vegetables I got sick of dealing with.

The hawk was back again today, eating more crow scraps.
The general consensus is that she's a juvenile red-tailed hawk (votes coming from my birder friends).
Several votes went to a juvenile red-shouldered hawk, but she's already larger than the 2 adult red-shouldered hawks we have around.
I gave up...I was driving myself crazy comparing tail bars and blahblahblah.  It was like trying to ID sparrows!
She's "The Hawk".
I have decided she's female...pretty much because I said so.
No sexual dimorphism in red-tailed hawks, dontcha know.
I didn't..and be careful Googling anything containing the phrases "sexual" and "red-tailed".
You have been warned.

Today's crow goodies contained raw pork skin, part of a pecan pie (purchased, and hideous) a donated deer leg (I have strange friends)... the hawk LOVED the pork skin.
No idea where the crows were.  They usually run the hawks off if there are good goodies!

Crows like pie.