Tuesday, February 14


You...look familiar..
Have we met?

I admit.
I am full of Suck when it comes to keeping up with blogs (mine and others).
I get distracted, busy, lazy, life happens.
Anyway. I'm back.  Back-ish.

Bird babble:
In January, I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle! Pardon the blur, but my hands were shaking so badly....
Exciting stuff!  I've only seen them 4 times in my life, and this was the first photo for me!

"Hey..what IS that?! Is it...no...wait...LOOK OMG LOOOOK!"

At one point I was stuffed under Jeremy's arm and out the driver's side window..thank God there was no traffic.  We were stopped in the middle of the highway (clear line of sight for traffic.  Safety first, folks.)
Well, until the state cops drove by and slowed way down to eyeball us.

Since Pig is still hibernating, Nature has decided to bestow another Pig-like creature on me.
Remember my whole theory on feeding the crows?
I feed the crows, the crows chase the owls and hawks away from the songbirds...that was the deal.
I've looked outside several times to see this hawk eating right next to the crows!

Poofy hawk butt. C'mon, how cute is that?

I tried explaining that songbirds are supposed to live in mortal terror of hawks...they laughed.
What is WRONG with the wildlife in my yard??
The pair of red-shouldered hawks is still here...very sweet to watch them together.
The backyard bird count is this weekend!
Will you be counting?
You don't have to do all four days...take a 15 minute block and join in!