Friday, February 24


During the Great Backyard Bird Count, we ran into several other birders at the local hotspot.
Thrilled, since I rarely see other birders out and about..but...
Something struck me.
None of them were under 60 (and of course, guessing at age.  Guessing generously, at that).

I've been birding since I was 16 or so.  Seeing *older* birders wasn't shocking as a teenager.
But now, decades later, it's strange to still be on the young end of the curve.
Why aren't more people in their 30s birding?!
Yesterday was warm and mostly sunny.  LOVELY!
I received my giant box of vegetable seeds..and today is gloomy and drizzly and horrid.
Tomorrow? Flurries.
I think I hexed myself by ordering seeds and messing around in the garden.

Have a pile of pics from the backyard bird count...

Red-shouldered hawk VS crow

Oh.... and a bird dog!