Monday, November 7

So..this one time..

"This one time" being yesterday..
Jeremy put on his ghillie suit and prepared for Extreme Birding.

I will have you know I did NOT suggest this.  I can't be blamed.
this time.

Irie thinks we're all freaking crazy.
(and yes, she's wearing a pink collar with skulls.  Bimbo AND bad ass!)
Please note the chunk of Jean's Bird Cake on his head.

 Voodoo was SO excited about the his bird brain, he must have realized HUNTING!!!

Since he didn't get to go bird hunting, he took his rage out on a log.

Not a single bird in sight.  I think Lacey and I were laughing too loudly.

On a side note, I got locked the hell out of every Google related site this morning.
They took my blog down, locked me out of Picasa web albums/gmail/Google+. NO idea WTF that was about.
Strangely, all I did was change my password (to an account I couldn't log in to) and it was magically restored.

Obviously, I'm a hardcore menace to the Google community.