Thursday, November 10


Honestly, which of my posts aren't babble?
I recently mentioned to a friend that I had never seen a pine siskin.

Nope.  Never.

Not a one.
Master of the Obvious, I'm not..and yet there are people out there that follow me into the woods.
I should come with a warning label.

I have an appointment with my Dr today.
Loathe. Detest.
I found a little bump on top of my foot.  No idea WTH it is, but I decided it was time to seek medical advice when bumping it almost made me pee my pants (excessive profanity helped with the pain).
I LOVE this candle company...and they ship!
If anyone wants to shower me with love, I'll accept 1000 Peppermint Patty candles.
I'm selfless like that.
Our gorgeous 70 degree days turned into 38 and drizzle.
I'm thrilled I spent the last few days wandering in and out of the house, enjoying the sun!
The birds are enjoying this *fancy* food.
Bird crack.
I'm sure Scotts doesn't appreciate me calling their food crack, but they aren't paying me or giving me free
The woodpeckers in particular are going crazy on it.
How are black oil sunflower seed prices in your area?  $28 for 50 lbs here! Holy crow!
The birds better get jobs and start contributing!
By the way, I swore I didn't have photos of the Common Merganser couple, either:

Now..anyone up for a hike in the deep woods?