Friday, November 11

You know you live in WV..

when there are 5 stray guinea fowl causing traffic problems at the gas station.
Yesterday after my Dr appointment (cyst, needs hacked out, yay) we stopped for gas and saw a small flock of Guineas running rampant at the gas station.
They looked terrified, and I can't stop worrying about them!
The cashier mentioned two have already been hit by cars and killed.

Wondering how pissed Michael will be if he comes home to find Guineas in the garden.
I haven't kept guinea fowl in years, where in hell would I put them, how will the dogs react to them...

Oh, by the way-
THIS is from someone who claims to adore me...note her descriptions of me!?
Evil mind powers?! June Cleaver and Marilyn Manson?!