Sunday, November 6

My superpower

As a superhero, it would be a relatively crappy power..but for a mere mortal it works well.
My ability?
To say "Hey, you know what would be a great idea?" and my friends agree to it.
 Whatever it is.
Allowing me to use a 4 hp forced air dryer (for dog grooming) on their head...or jumping into a weird rock lined pit in the middle of the woods..or putting bird seed on their heads and standing still for 40 minutes while I take photos.
You know..I have photos of ALL these events, but I'll just post the bird shots for now.
So I don't get strangled.

"Hey, know what would be hilarious?  If I put seed on your head!"

All of us froze when the blue jays were swooping in, but I had the camera ready just in case ;)

I do tell everyone to do the opposite of whatever follows "Hey! You know what would be great?"

No one superpower.