Wednesday, November 2

Mid-week crazy

Things haven't slowed enough..dammit..but we're still getting good hikes in.
I'm trying to keep up with everyone, but holy crow.  Chatty bunch!
And cooking really fantastic dinners.
All the crazy, stressy mess is easier to handle with my family here (my Flatlander family, my chosen family).
Thank the trail gods for good hiking or I would be porking up at an alarming rate.

Michael contemplating the "fast" way down.

Trail with convenient carrying handles!
It's a padded harness..before someone gets all crazy pissed that we're harming him.

I'm fairly sure Jeremy wasn't doing "celebration arms".
I'm thinking he was imitating a gorilla.. right before they pulverize someone.
That someone being me.

Our hike:

3 miles of hills. Yay.
The four of us walked the trail, then decided to tackle the Big Ass Hill I hate so much.  Walking on pavement is just..blah.
Michael and I took the trail back to the car, while Lacey and Jeremy took the road along the lake.
Michael almost got clubbed in the head.
He's 7 inches taller.  He has a much longer stride.  He also hauls ass the entire hike.
I'm hiking along at a decent clip, especially for big hills, and realize he's leaving me in his dust.
Instead of yelling at him to slow down (again), I decide I can keep up.
I kept up by muttering a stream of obscenities and threats.

Next time, I'm going to hamstring him and leave him for the squirrels. ;)