Saturday, October 29

The zombies didn't get us.

With all the winter prep, hiking. houseguests, crazy job stuff..I haven't sat down at the computer for anything but work.
But, we're alive and well.
I'm playing catch-up on all your blogs again (209 are all chatty. Dammit.).

My beloved Flatlanders are here..we've been hiking and cooking up a storm.
I haven't picked up (or remembered) my camera until yesterday.

I once scratched my cornea by hanging out of a moving car to get photos.
Did not learn my lesson.
At all.

Started out along the creek and had a total elevation change of 341 feet.  That doesn't seem like much until you realize that change happens all at once omg wtf was I thinking I am not a mountain goat.
No gradual are hiking along and wham. The trail is suddenly at eye level.

No photos of the incline, since I was too busy trying to breathe.

Plus, you're in front position and realize Flatlanders are behind you..and there are big rocks everywhere..and you might just have an "unfortunate accident" 341 feet to the creek bed below.

As a bonus gift, this morning it is SNOWING!
Irie was so wiggly I couldn't get a clear shot.  Or, maybe my hands were shaking with excitement.
"Get my backpack..we're going HIKING!!!"

I'm passive-aggressively waking up the household by loud coughing and door slamming. It's starting to work..Michael just groaned.