Monday, October 24

Reaching new levels

of manic and scatterbrained!
Woo, baby!

I found this photo yesterday (as I was pretending to sort and organize my photo files).
My mom and I were walking in the orchard when a Baltimore Oriole female started chirping and following us from tree to tree.  She gobbled up every bug and worm I could find for her, while a male Oriole raised six shades of Hell from the treetops.

Yes, those are goats loose in the back of my car.
Three lost goats got loaded into the back of my SUV (more love to Kurgo brand seat covers!) and then carried to my enclosed back porch until their owners were located.
Longest 18 hours I've ever experienced.
The owners were fantastic, and gave me a thank you card with a $50 gift card enclosed...for cleaning supplies!
Michael's ONLY comment was: You put WHAT in our car?!

Strange bird experience #2
I was filling the feeders last winter and a titmouse landed on my arm.  It scared the bejeezus out of me..and then I thought "CAMERA!".  This cutie stuck around all winter, eating from my hand whenever I had goodies.

The light was odd ..and incredible.. this morning.  I bet rain is moving back in.
As Michael was leaving for Hell Job, I said the sky looked like someone used the saturation feature a little much in Photoshop.  I think I'm spending too much time on the computer!

And last of the photo glut...sunset on Saturday.

Wait..I lied.
Me, as a zombie.  Or me during winter when my skin is really dry.  Either way.
Please note: the friend that created this image......

Ya ain't gotta be Freud to figure that one out, huh?