Saturday, October 1


Helllloooo October!
My favorite month!

As the wind howled and the rain lashed the house last night, I snuggled into my 1200 thread count sheets under the down comforter and thought....
Screw camping in this weather!
Camping is one of the ways we relax.
Being frozen and wet (with two wet dogs in the tent) is not relaxing.
At least for sane people.
Well.  Sane people and us.

The wind picked up yesterday morning and I got to watch the vultures riding the current.
Right about then, I started worrying about them crashing into the power lines...
"Damn crazy kids!  Going to get yourself killed!"  and I shook my fist.

Blah blah blah...think up your own amusing Pig captions today.  I've taken the Dayquil equivalent of allergy meds and I'm not thinking clearly.  You remember my adventures with Dayquil, I hope.

We're off to town for errands.
God help us...and everyone else.

Or..everyone else.