Sunday, October 2


It's still chilly (windchill of 36)..and raining..and windy.

I caved and actually tossed food directly into Pig's den.  It's not like I'm somehow making her MORE tame.  She does that all on her own.
(and the creeps that released her).

We're off to watch the Steelers game with friends today.
Good friends, wings, beer and cheering for our team...
That should warm me up!

Have a sunset from this time last year....since, ya know,  I haven't seen the sun in 3 days.

Or, I could warm up with some..Pig skin.  hehehe

"Pig skin...what the hell kinda sick joke is THAT?!"

Well..your fur looks awfully warm.  Would make some nice slippers....

Penguins regular season hockey starts on October 6th! WOOHOO!!!!