Wednesday, October 19

That giveaway was Pig-Rigged

So much going on today..and more rain is moving I'll be quick!
I'm not always yammering on endlessly.

So get this!
Pig..I mean I..won red.neck chic's giveaway!
She says Pig won, but Pig can't type to leave comments.  Therefore, MINE MINE MINE!
Pig is hibernating, so the loot is mine.  I have the thumbs here, dammit!
I think Pig won because I repeatedly threatened my duct taped, redneck friend with physical harm.
My husband (the person sworn to love me forever) once described me as "a badger on meth" when I was angry.
Badger on meth.  Flattering, babe.
  I'd Pig-Rig a giveaway, too. ;)
(not that Robelyn would stoop to pig-rigging.  If anyone suggested that, I'd have to go all hillbilly redneck whitetrash on, badger on meth)

Far less exciting, but still very cool...
Two hawks screaming and wheeling around the front yard this morning.
I didn't have the right lens with me, but I was happy to grab the 2 shots I did.

I snapped a few photos and then just stood and watched their aerial ballet.  Stunning.

Red-shouldered hawk is my ID.
We don't see them a lot around the property..the red-tails picked this place as their spot.

Enjoy your day..go visit that crazy red.neck gal and give her some love!