Tuesday, October 18

You made your point..


I got so bored with my last boot camp that I bailed.
I know.  I suck.
On to the next!
I started this morning, and.. holy burning thighs!
I hike, I live on a hillside like a freakin' mountain goat and I work out fairly often..I should not having been wheezing and falling over.
Why do exercise pros say things like "You'll feel so great after this! You'll love it! You'll be full of energy!"
The only energy I could muster is shoving that perky, pony-tailed head up your toned ......

Anyway.  Vultures.

I got done with boot camp and staggered back to take a shower.  I realized I hadn't fed the birds yet, so I ran outside before they went Hitchcock on me.

Standing in the yard, appreciating the views, and I notice a shadow passing over...then two..

While I know they cruise right over the house when the current is right...it was NOT good for my ego.
At all.

Jean's bird cake recipe, for those who asked.  Click the link, make the cakes and prepare for Bird Joy.
Jean, if you see this..mind if I stick a tab up and link to your recipe?