Thursday, October 20


Michael and I were hiking last summer, one of the little used trails in our local park.
As we're walking along in silence, we start hearing crashing in the brush far off the trail.
Those of you who live or hike in eastern woodland know how thick that brush can be.  No chance of seeing something until it's gnawing on your head.
The dogs became very alert, very still..listening.
I told Michael that is no sounds too big..but, we don't have bears here.

The sound gets closer.. we all tense.

Two ladies burst out of the brush down the path from us, both cussing and very upset.
Irie, of course, lets out her Swamp Beast roar and scares these poor women into simultaneous shrieks.
  I left Michael with the dogs and hurried to them, apologizing for scaring them to death.
The ladies calm down enough to tell us they went off the trail and have been lost for an hour or so..scared to death..never been here before, or in this state before.
They've never hiked in the woods before.
(PSA:  Stay on the blazed trails if you are new!  Even better, ask the park staff what trails are blazed clearly and stick with those!)
The women are behaving strangely..moving slightly away..passing glances..
What the hell? Do I stink?

We point them in the direction they need to go and they take off like bats out of hell.
I'm peeved.  I didn't have to apologize for the dog scaring them...and I did offer help.
We continue on, and Michael bursts out laughing.

I'm wearing a t-shirt that says "Bring a compass.  It's awkward when you have to eat your friends".