Friday, October 21

Blah..but not.

We're dealing with a bunch of crazy, stressy stuff right now.
New and exciting stress we've never dealt with before
(Sarcasm...a healing balm for my soul).
I'm going between anxious/hyper and anxious/blahhh.
Headaches, sore shoulders, insomnia..all that awesome stuff.
But..this isn't a whining, complaining post.
At all.
I am full of appreciation for what we have.
For our warped senses of humor getting us through this.
For that moment when Michael is finally home from Hell Job and we crash on the couch together...
and for that span of time, everything is ok.

Scoot over, Voodoo..we'll watch for Michael together.

I'm full-to-the-eyeballs with appreciation for the dogs and cats..
Pile of  warm bodies and a down comforter..better than Xanax!

Warm bodies to snuggle when I need it.
Warm bodies that don't judge when I stress eat my stash of really, really expensive cheese. 
A large stash.  
I did eat apples along with the we're calling it healthy, got it?
Once again, I hate that couch. It's extremely comfortable,'s the shallow always looks funky and dirty in photos.
Stupid microsuede.
But..dammit..we HAVE a couch. In a house.
That's far more than some people have.
So truly..not bitching.

The weather doesn't help.
It has been gray and rainy...chilly...
We need some sunshine, even if it's cold!
I know most Texans are ready to smack me with their rain gauges for crying about too much I'll shut up about that, too! ;)