Wednesday, September 21

Who needs SAR dogs?

All day yesterday I kept smelling this weird chemical/funky/citrus smell. I tore the kitchen and living room apart, scrubbing everywhere, trying to find the source.
Couldn't find anything!  I told Michael that it reminded me of a rotten orange.  None of the oranges on the butchers block were funky..nothing in the fridge..WTH?
Early this morning I opened the kitchen window.  There it was again.
So..there I am..outside in my jammies..with a flashlight..air scenting like a coonhound.

Michael pops his head out the window and stares at me.
Michael: What..are you doing? Are you sniffing?
Me: Yes, I am.  I'm pretty sure that smell is coming from out here somewhere.
Michael: Honey, I'm sure you're right,'s dark.  And you're not a search and rescue dog.
Me, squatting in the ferns outside the window: Wait..*sniff*..I think *sniffsniffsniff*
Michael: Oh sweet Jesus.....  
Me: AH HA! I found it! It was an orange! It must have rolled off the butchers block and out the window.
Michael: Great, can you come in here and sniff out my keys? For a cookie?  You wanna cookie, good girl?!

He should be glad I have my shots.  I'm sure the bites will heal quickly.
Fall is creeping in.
The maples are getting touches of color, the insect noises have changed, the dogs are changing coat (which means I vacuum twice a day)..

The wildflowers are golds and purples, instead of pinks and blues

The Marsh Mallow has gone to seed..from palest pink blooms to this.

The BEST hiking weather is coming up...chilly and dry.  Spring hiking is great, but dear GOD the mud.
This morning was foggy and gorgeous.  Didn't take the camera (!) but had a great hike.