Monday, September 12

Eight and counting..

8 days of rain..not constant, thank goodness.
The creeks and lakes aren't flooding, which shows how much rain was needed.

We're gathering up gear for a camping trip at the end of the week.
Michael cracks me up..the overnight temps are supposed to be around 42F (I think that's around 5C?).  No big deal to me, but he makes it sound like we're camping in Antarctica.
Did you know there was an expedition to Antarctica called Nimrod? Now, I get the hunter/biblical reference but all I can think about is the current word usage..and that's pretty dang funny.

I finally caved and bought a polarizing filter.
I blame Greg and his incredible sky photos.
Michael asked why I needed one now, since I've had my camera for a while...
"Some man from the internet said I did".
It's a miracle I'm allowed out of the house ;)

Shopping for the filter was interesting (read: confusing and made me cry a little).
"Miss, if you want to use automatic settings, I suggest you go with a circular polarizer blahblahblah...look, we have 168 billion for you to choose from!"
Circular...? Wait..what?
"Look, sir, I'll level with you.  I'm not a photographer.  I just..take photos. I don't want to know.  I just want my blue sky less washed out, and I want rid of the big giant pink tinted spots in white clouds...unless there's actually pink.  And..I don't want to sell a kidney so you can put THAT box down right now."
He sighed..and narrowed down the choices.
I haven't tested it out yet.

I don't want pink spots..unless there's actually pink spots.  Makes sense to me.

 Do they make a lens for....groundhog ear closeups?  NO!?  They don't make a macrohog lens?!

Freakishly shaped like a humans.

Pig continues to carry her snacks across the field to the front yard.  I do not know why.

"Mmmmm baked pahtaytah!"

Needs no caption.

"More potato, please!"
Sadly, no rice cracker hats (below her foot).  They don't fly very well, nor do they stick the landing like tortillas and lettuce.

In a few moments, I'll be sneaking out the back door and creeping around the woods like a serial killer...
so Pig doesn't see where I'm taking the crow food.