Friday, August 19


was not my day.
Packed car for The Park Trip.
Realized we were overdue for oil change (by like 150 miles, Mr. Obsessive Oil Change Man)..stomped into house to call garage to see if we could get in quickly.  All clear there.
Realized I forgot to feed the birds, stomped through yard and stepped in dog crap.
Stormed into house to find one of the SEVEN other pairs of trail shoes I own..couldn't find them for 45 minutes.
God knows why they were in a tote marked "Fall/Halloween decorations".

Got the oil changed.
Trapped in the waiting area at the garage, listening to a woman's conversation about her terrible boils..
Her ass boils.
Fled to the baking sun of the parking lot and laughed hysterically at Michael's shock and horror.

Realized I forgot my camera.
Realized I forgot the camera outside while I was stomping shit out of my shoes.

Got behind the Slowest Driver on Earth.  25mph in a 55 zone.
Slowest Driver changed into Worst Driver, as she weaved over the white and yellow lines.  Repeatedly.
Of course, she was in front of us the entire way home.
I nearly chewed my seatbelt in half.

I decided I was entirely too annoyed to make the drive to the park...I know when I've reached my tolerance level for humanity.. and that park is usually full of people.

Expelled some annoyance by target shooting.
No, I did not envision Miss Ass Boils or Worst Driver Ever.

We played with the dogs and went swimming...
After a few hours of sun, wind and chlorine fumes, I stopped wanting to jump up and down on someone's liver.
I consoled myself with BBQ chicken nachos and beer.

Are we going to The Park...the Mythical Park?
I'm not saying.
I keep hexing myself.