Saturday, August 20


It wasn't THE PARK..the park to end all parks..but we did it.
We made to a state park to hike.
We tricked fate.
We casually loaded up the two older dogs (not our usual hiking buddies) and *ran to Walmart*.  See, that was key in tricking fate.  Lying about our destination.
I didn't take many photos.  We had the dogs and the park was full of people/dogs/horses/crazed park rangers on golf carts.
We had our hands full working the dogs around 101 distractions.
Henry (beagle/jack russell mix) wanted to bark at the splashing horses.
Oh hell no, pal.

And Strider (Rotti/coon hound mix) wanted to eat this dragonfly.
Absolutely hell no, buddy.

We try to be exemplary dog owners .
Quiet, well-behaved (or faking) dogs..kept on leash.
We clean up after our dogs.
But...I would appreciate a trash can somewhere in the park! Grr!

We didn't see any wildlife...but that's what home is for.

We have absolutely nooo intention on going hiking again tomorrow.
Zero.  Zip.