Sunday, August 21

Sunday drive

..and hike.
Michael, Ultimate Husband, set his alarm so he could surprise me with a drive..and frozen coffee.
What a guy :)

Beautiful, but hazy and gloomy, WV countryside.  We were right along the Ohio River...there is actually some flat land!

Things are turning gold...fall will come along soon enough....

 Annnnd a random strip club in the middle of nowhere.  WTH, right??

9:30 Sunday people really gamble that early!?
You know...we've lived less than 15 minutes from this casino for years...I've never been there.  I'm not against gambling, I just don't enjoy it.

Annnnd back to countryside......

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Our internet was in-and-out while I was posting..the photos are weirdly lined and grainy.