Thursday, August 18

Trying this again...

Ok, NOW we're outta here!
Today is park day.  Supposedly.
Unless I get distracted by....wait...what?

We had a great time last night.  If you're ever in Pittsburgh for a Pirates game, it's a good time (if you don't care about who wins.  Sigh.).
Pardon the following photos...taken on my cell.
Some of you excel at iPhone or Evo photos.  My Evo camera and I are not friends.  At all.
Walking across the bridge into PNC park

 "Cheese" signing autographs after the Pierogi races.  I find them creepy.
Stop staring at me, Cheese, or I will be forced to defend myself.  You look...tasty.

Leaving the ballpark, heading to the bridge. 

Packing up the car, so I'll leave you with Pig Overload again.
I held the camera down low..zoomed in..and this is what I got.

"OH MY GOD! You're leaving AGAIN!"

"You BETTER leave feeding instructions for your mom"