Wednesday, August 17


We didn't go to the park.
We hid out.  At home.
I still felt a little blah from the plague (ok, fine, the flu) and wasn't sure about hiking steep trails.  Plus, it was a PERFECT hot, sunny day..the pool was calling us.
Friends and family thought we were gone for the calls, no rocked!

We went swimming, read on the deck in the sunshine, played with the dogs (got ignored by the cats) and goofed around with the pellet gun and targets. 
Goofed around in a safe and adult manner, mind you.
Michael secretly hates the fact I'm a better shot than him..teehee!
To be fair and honest, he kicks my ass with handguns.  I'm a better rifle shot.
We had to stop for the evening because the turkeys were coming toward the field...have to be careful of the wildlife.

We're going to a Pirate's game tonight with some friends...
I'm not a huge baseball fan, but going to the ballpark is always a good time.
Aside from those $7 beers.
Oh, hockey season, where are you?

I had a note on the fridge for my mom yesterday.  She asked..twice..if Pig needed food.

If you aren't a fan of Anne Taintor..I really don't know what to say....

VERY unhappily eating eggplant.

She nearly toppled over in Carb Ecstasy.  I can relate. 

She's standing on the healthy food!?
If you look closely (or click on the pics to get full size), you'll see reddish dots on her face.  She stole pizza crusts from the crows!
At least it was my whole grain pizza crust, my pizza sauce and veg pizza toppings.
 I just don't think groundhogs should be eating animal product.
That's a little bit ..wrong.